Homemade Quinoa Tofu Bowl © Brent Hofacker
Almond milk © tashka2000
Ajvar (pepper mousse) in a jar and on a slices of bread © Melica
Dates oatmeal balls / No cook energy bites, selective focus © vm2002
Roasted coconut cauliflower tacos. Healthy, vegan meal. Top view on a wooden background. © Jenifoto
Coronavirus pandemic prevention wash hands with soap warm water and , rubbing nails and fingers washing frequently or using hand sanitizer gel. © Maridav
Indian dal. Food. Traditional Indian soup lentils. Indian Dhal spicy curry in bowl, spices, herbs, rustic black wooden background. Top view. Authentic Indian dish. Banner. Flat lay © timolina
Hiker woman holding man's hand on a nature hike © Jacob Lund
happy family mother with child girl preparing vegetable salad © JenkoAtaman

Feeding of hungry dog © Chalabala
Stir fried tofu in a bowl © fahrwasser
cooked seitan dishes, vegan and vegetarian food © DMegias
assortment of snacks for beer, fast food, closeup © cook_inspire
Bars of raw homemade chocolate on wooden cut. Vegetarian concept of healthy food. Top view © Anastasiia
Dairy free milk substitute drinks and ingredients. Generative ai. © Aiakos
Orange juice pouring splash © hansgeel
Various vegan plant based milk and ingredients, top view, copy space. Dairy free milk substitute drink, healthy eating. © Oksana Mizina
Oat milk latte with thick foam in ceramic mugs topped with cinnamon © Elena Veselova
A glass of oat milk, a jug and oat flakes. The concept of alternative lactose-free dairy products. Copy space. ©
Fresh soy milk and beans on light grey table, space for text © New Africa
Glass of tasty almond milk on light background © Pixel-Shot
Plate with white rice and wooden spoon with white rice © alenvl
Apple juice © Nikolaeva Galina
Fresh aronia berries and aronia berry juice in glasses © Melica
Dog food. Food for animals. Beautiful corgi eats food. © nuzza11
Feeding the hungry dog © Chalabala
Spinach and ricotta ravioli with tomato sauce and parmesan © fabiomax
Woman putting plate of rice with vegetables into microwave oven in kitchen© Pixel-Shot
peanut butter for cooking breakfast with sandwiches at home on blue background top view mock-up © 279photo Studio
Rice cake with peanut butter and berries © topotishka
peanut butter for cooking breakfast with sandwiches at home on blue background top view mock-up © 279photo Studio
Modern light gym. Sports equipment in gym. Barbells of different weight on rack. © 4 PM production
Athletic young woman working out with dumbbells, doing exercises for the arms, outdoors, motivation © Shopping King Louie
Molkenproteine schütteln mit Schokoladenaroma. Grundnahrungsmittel für Fitness-Sportler © Enfoca y dispara
Hot empty portable barbecue BBQ grill with flaming fire and ember charcoal on black background. Waiting for the placement of your food. Close up © nazarovsergey
Grilled vegetables cooking on coal grill with spices and herbs. Top view flat lay © Evgeny Karandaev
various grilled fruit pieces on wooden skewers © MaraZe
Baking Christmas cookies © Elena Shashkina
Christmas background. Table for cooking Christmas holiday baking cookies and cakes with ingredients above copy space © Rimma Bondarenko
Ingredients for cooking christmas baking decorated with fir tree. Flour, brown sugar, eggs and spices top view. Bakery background. © Julia Sudnitskaya
Nuremberg gingerbread with nuts on a blue and grey background, empty space for text, german sweetness for christmas © Berit Kessler
Traditional German fruit bread Stollen on cut board with red Christmas decoration Christmas food background. © vasanty
Selection of healthy rich fiber sources vegan food for cooking © aamulya
Vegetarian barbecue grilled dishes on timber table © exclusive-design
Vegan protein source. Legumes, beans, lentils, nuts, broccoli, spinach and seeds. Top view on stone table. Healthy vegetarian food. © nadianb
soy bean and oil on wood table © sommai

Chickpeas in wooden bowl on a linen cloth. © sriba3
Linsen © Printemps
Gluten free cooking with quinoa © fahrwasser
Bowl and plate with raw oatmeal on table © Africa Studio
Pile of Brown rice with a wooden spoon © katrinshine
Almond snack fruit in wooden bowl © jimbophotoart
Chia seeds close up © katrinshine
Uncooked Hemp seeds in a bowl with a spoon © katrinshine
Soy products: tempeh and tofu © creativegan
Fresh broccoli in the bowl © pilipphoto
spinach © nata_vkusidey
piselli verdi collezione con piselli crudi cucinati e in conserva fatti in casa © denio109
Healthy spirulina drink in the glass © pilipphoto
Crispy dried seaweed on wooden plate © ritablue
Dulse, wakame and kelp seaweed close-up on white © akvals
Young black woman relaxing on couch, watching TV and eating popcorn at home © Prostock-studio
Salt popcorn on the wooden table © nolonely
Coconut based vegan products milk yogurt and chips on a white backdrop ©
Oat milk. Healthy vegan non-dairy organic drink with flakes © Sea Wave

Two little kids making Christmas homemade cookies together with elderly grandmother in kitchen © JenkoAtaman
Smiling african girl pouring milk into dough bowl © Prostock-studio
Person applying blueberry jam on fresh slices of bread, close-up of the moment when the jam touches the bread, warm light, wooden table top and dark background, hands visible © PhotoHunter
Banana bread with dates and nuts © yuliiaholovchenko
Close up girl is drinking coffee. She enjoys her morning cappuccino or flat white. © franz12
persona echando leche en una taza con cafe. ilustración de ia generativa © Helena GARCIA
Ginger half-naked joyful girl smiling and eating chocolate © Drobot Dean
Broken chocolate bars on dark background © nerudol

Pieces of dark chocolate on cutting board, pile of semisweet chocolate chunks on background. Generative AI © Akio
A pile of white chocolate with almonds on parchment paper. Sweet dessert © mellisandra
Dark chocolate © fortyforks
Chips, nachos and curls © draghicich
Child feading with soup at the restaurant garden © tmelnikova
Tasty and creamy tomato soup made of fresh tomatoes © shaiith
woman with cup of cappuccino © fox17
Close up girl is drinking coffee. She enjoys her morning cappuccino or flat white. © franz12

Two cups of aromatic coffee cappuccino or latte on a wooden table. Tasty morning drinks. © franz12
energy protein bar © murziknata

Various Protein sport shake and powder. Fitness food and drink. © murziknata
ミックスナッツ © K

グラノーラを食べるミドル女性(朝食・食事・健康) © polkadot
Bioprodukte im Supermarkt © Henry Schmitt

Holding bag full of fresh organic vegetables with green sticker from the local market on the green background © rh2010
potato casserole with cream, gratin dauphinois, french cuisine © azurita

Käsebrot auf Holzbrett © Florian Kunde